Airtable Your Content Library

Your huge library of content is only organized by the links on your website or YouTube channel.

You're not resharing all those podcasts you've been on or the articles you've written on Medium and LinkedIn.

Why? Because you can't remember what's out there, where you talked about THIS topic or even how it relates to what you're doing in your business now.

This is a common challenge, and one I've had too! With well over 200 blog posts, features on at least 30 other podcasts and my own growing podcast, it was impossible to keep track of it all. 

Not only that, but I had a hard time keeping track of which freebies and offers I included in which pieces of content. As I started shifting and updating those freebies, I needed to know where they were!

I bought an Airtable course and while I learned some of the ins and outs of Airtable, I needed a more robust template than what I could find. So I built it myself! 

Since then, I've converted clients' Excel spreadsheet and Trello board content libraries into fully functioning, interconnected Airtable bases. The result? We know where their content lives. We're able to better create content, marketing and visibility strategies because we have a better handle on their messaging and what content is already out there. AND, even better, we're not recreating content that's already in their library. We're able to update, repurpose and reshare--saving both time and money.

The result? An organized library of content so we know what content is out there, when it published, where it lives and what other content it's connected to.

Download your own template and get the training you need to start now!

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